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Who Shall Ascend? Volume I: Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus





Volume I of Father Wathen’s “Magnum Opus” Who Shall Ascend? is a comprehensive study of the salvation of mankind, most notably the necessity of belonging to the true Church of Christ–the Catholic Church. Taken as axiomatic by most Catholics until the mid twentieth century, this thrice-defined dogma had, as it’s spirit, the loving goal of real salvation for mankind through the New Covenant which Christ established for the whole world. Father explains how this foundational aspect of the Faith came to be derided and rejected by most modern Catholics, hierarchy included.

The James F. Wathen Traditional Catholic Foundation has carefully revised this work, wishing to bring the original self-published title up to modern editorial and typographical standards without compromising the strong message which Father intended to convey. We hope our efforts have done justice to Father’s memory.

We provide a choice of two bindings: either softcover, or hardcover with foil-stamped bonded leather.

416 Pages – Softcover or Hardcover


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