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Natural Family Planning and the Christian Moral Code – by Jeanne Dvorak




Brand New – just re-printed and re-formatted in 2017!

Written by a catholic mother of a large family, under the guidance of Fr James Wathen, this booklet’s purpose is simple:  To explain the moral problems and dangers of the Rhythm method, or what is known today as ‘Natural Family Planning’.  In the words of the author:
“This book will seek to prove beyond a doubt that the consequences of the Rhythm Mentality (i.e. Natural Family Planning or NFP) are contrary to the Christian moral code.  Therefore NFP is definitely an error which is being propagated within Christ’s own Church, much as was Arianism.  
This book is meant to inform the pastors of souls about certain facts concerning the nature of woman, and to remind everyone reading this about God the Father and His loving, Providential care for his children.  I wish to encourage married couples to invoke the love of the Holy Ghost so that they may find Divine solutions to their problems, and not resort to the “false science” of this rebellious age.”
This 3rd printing also includes a 1940 letter from the Archbishop of St Paul, MN condemning NFP.

Paperback – 81 pages